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By 14th June 2016No Comments

Reshaping the workforce to deliver the care patients need: Research Report

Produced by Nuffield Trust in association with NHS Employers
By Candace Imison, Sophie Castle-Clarke and Robert Watson

We are delighted to be able to point you in the direction of this paper which cites The Calderdale Framework in several entries. Even more reason guys to get your stuff written up as the need for an increasing body of evidence is one of the recommendations in the paper.

The paper concludes :

There is an urgent need to reshape the NHS workforce and equip it to meet the challenges and growing demand from the population it serves. Our research has shown that this is a challenge that many services are beginning to successfully grapple with, particularly through the change to our current non-medical workforce.

Change is not easy. It takes skill, resources and persistence, and local leaders can expect local professional resistance. However, with careful attention to role design, team working and effective change management, the potential benefits are significant. Reshaping the NHS workforce can deliver benefits for patients through more patient focused care and improved health outcomes. It can deliver benefits to staff through more rewarding roles and enhanced career pathways. It can deliver benefits for NHS organisations through greater efficiencies and helping to address potential workforce gaps.

The financial constraints in which organisations are currently operating makes this agenda particularly challenging.There is little headspace in terms of time and resources, yet this is exactly what is needed. National and local training budgets are being cut at the point that they need expansion. This agenda is not a “nice to do”.It is essential if we are to find a sustainable balance between available funding, patient needs and staff needs. This is a message that the Department of Health and the Treasury need to hear loud and clear.

Sound familiar folks?!

As a group we are really leading the way and need to get your examples out there. BDCT are in the research as Case Study using CF (well done you!) and we know there are lots more that just need writing up and getting out there… you’ve done the hard work!

Read the paper in full here.