Calderdale Framework Founders

Rachael Smith and Jayne Duffy, both chartered physiotherapists are the creators, developers and IP holders of The Calderdale Framework. Both Rachael and Jayne hold Master of Science Academic Awards.

They set up Calderdale Framework Ltd in order to provide consultancy and training in Calderdale Framework methodology.

Rachael and Jayne, have over 50 years combined extensive clinical experience in the NHS – so know what it’s like in the real world.

Their experience of developing The Calderdale Framework in conjunction with other agencies i.e. local authority, social services and third sector has added to their breadth and depth of their understanding in respect of the needs of a more integrated, productive workforce, which is service user centred; safe, efficient, effective and of the highest quality. Indeed, their leadership in developing the reablement service in collaboration with Calderdale MBC won the service a Modernisation Award as far back as 2002.

They have been developing The Calderdale Framework for several years and were highly commended at The HSJ Awards 2008 for their work around delegation, and again finalists at 2011 HSJ Awards with their work in relation to using the Calderdale Framework to successfully implement Assistant Practitioners into practice. In 2013 the work using CF to integrate the Health and Social Care Workforce again led to finalist inclusion of The HSJ Awards. In 2017 the HSJ Awards finals were once more achieved, this time for the collaborative work with NHS England and Health Education England to develop The Integrated Urgent Care Workforce.

Since 2011 The Calderdale Framework has been extensively implemented in Queensland Australia. This has contributed hugely to the growing evidence base. 2016 saw The Calderdale Framework take root in New Zealand. Both Australia and New Zealand now have Calderdale Framework Practitioners trained in order to grow and sustain future implementations via the development of their own Calderdale Framework Facilitators.

In November 2019 they co-produced and delivered a transforming the workforce conference with HEE and YHAHSN which showcased international, national and local Calderdale Framework transformation projects.

Rachael & Jayne have also invented an innovative piece of rehabilitation equipment called Balance Active. This is now CE marked as aclass1 medical device and is available to purchase.

Jayne Duffy
Jayne Duffy
Rachael Smith
Rachael Smith

Calderdale Framework Practitioners


Alison Pighills

Alison PighillsAssociate Professor Alison Pighills is a Principal Research Fellow supporting Health Practitioner research capacity development and is based in Mackay Hospital and Health Service, with an adjunct position with JCU. Alison’s professional background is in Occupational Therapy. She holds an MSc in Health Care Practice, from the University of Bradford, and a PhD in Health Sciences, from the University of York, UK, where she was awarded the K M Stott prize for best PhD thesis in 2008. Previously, Alison worked and studied in the UK, and was the Senior Manager for the UK National Health Service fellowship award scheme. Alison has been the Occupational Therapy advisor to a number of international programmes and networks, and has been an invited / keynote presenter at international and national conferences.

Alison has been using the Calderdale Framework, a professional skill sharing and delegation model of care, for over 9 years and became the first ever Calderdale Framework practitioner in 2012. As such, she is able to train clinicians to facilitate the implementation of the framework in their own organisations. The Calderdale Framework involves training health staff in shared competencies to enable them to deliver care involving tasks that cross traditional professional boundaries.

Alison’s recent research history includes a randomised controlled trial, health economic evaluation and patient and staff qualitative studies to examine the clinical and cost effectiveness and staff / patient perceptions of the Calderdale Framework. Alison recently implemented a workforce redesign project using the Calderdale Framework to create Allied health Rural Generalist positions in a rural area in northern Queensland. She is also currently undertaking a multicentre randomised controlled trial in the UK of environmental interventions to prevent falls in older people, involving 1300 participants.

Annette Scott

Annette ScottMs. Scott commenced her career in health as a physiotherapist, graduating from the University of Queensland in 1983. Most of her earlier career was spent as a private practitioner in solo practice in Central Queensland. She joined the public health system in Queensland in 1993 and has subsequently fulfilled a number of clinical, quality improvement and management roles, and worked across a range of service settings including acute inpatient, outpatient , community and rural outreach.

Prior to taking on the role of Executive Director Allied Health, Ms. Scott fulfilled the role of Allied Health Workforce Development officer, Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service. This role was responsible for implementing a range of workforce development initiatives across the Health Practitioner workforce with a particular focus on workforce and service redesign of the allied health professional and allied health assistant workforce in rural outreach, Emergency Department and acute inpatient settings.

To support the validity and effectiveness of the redesign agenda Ms. Scott undertook training in the Calderdale Framework, a transformational workforce redesign program developed in the United Kingdom. Across 2011 to 2013 she completed training as a Calderdale Practitioner and is now 1 of only 4 practitioners in Australia endorsed to train in the framework.


Hilary Exton

Hilary ExtonHilary is currently the Director of Allied Health at Nelson Marlborough District Health Board, New Zealand. Hilary relocated from England in 2004, to initially work in Child Development Services, as a paediatric physiotherapist. Subsequently, Hilary has held several Team Leader and Service Manager Roles prior to taking up her current position.

In 2015 Hilary, along with other South Island Allied Health Professionals, commenced her Calderdale Facilitator training and has recently been credentialled as a Calderdale Practitioner.

Vicki Prout

Vicki Prout

Vicki is currently the Team Leader (Community) Physiotherapist at Canterbury District Health Board, New Zealand. Vicki emigrated to NZ in 2006 from Liverpool.

In 2015 Vicki commenced her Calderdale Facilitator training and has recently been credentialed as a Calderdale Practitioner.