Awareness raising

Why do this?

Awareness Raising introduces the framework and its benefits to the manager, team leaders and senior staff of the service. This allows key people to have an understanding of the process prior to introduction to the whole service. Ensures staff are informed and listened to at the outset.

How do I do it?

  • Identify key players at managerial level who can help steer the implementation process and embed the process within the service /organisation.
  • Start with the awareness raising presentation to these people.
  • Build in time to your project plan to allow managers to reflect and identify most appropriate areas to use CF.
  • Repeat awareness raising to all staff groups in service areas identified by managers prior to commencing the next steps. This helps enormously to reduce staff anxiety about the process and potential changes.
  • Explore the role of CF champions at awareness raising.

Successful awareness raising

  • Ensure stakeholder anlysis has been completed. Ensure strategic level players have been informed and involved.
  • Meet with service manager prior to any awareness raising. This allows you to discuss CF and how it can benefit the service(s) as well as the implications. The service manager can then identify which teams/areas to start implementation of CF.
  • Ensure all key players are invited to the awareness raising.
  • Make this event fairly informal so participants don’t feel threatened.
  • Encourage questions and listen to concerns
  • Make the event more informal by hosting it with food (e.g. breakfast or lunch). This helps ensure people attend.
  • Once you have successfully implemented CF in a service/team those staff are very useful in assisting with the awareness raising. They are able to highlight some of the barriers they faced and how they overcame these. They can also provide real life examples of how CF has improved working practices.
  • Try to engage champions from within the service area – they will act as change makers on the ground.
  • Try and set a milestone plan which sets out the date by which CF implantation training will have been done in the identified service.

Role of CF Champions

  • Ensure CF is kept on the ‘radar’ in the service or team and that the momentum to complete each stage is maintained
  • Act as a conduit for information flow between project team and staff
  • Support governance arrangements in the service/ team
  • Support competency training
  • Support induction process
  • Link with steering group and contribute to evaluation

What should I expect after Awareness Raising?

  • Service Managers and team leaders will have an understanding of what CF is and what is involved in its implementation.
  • One or more services will have been identified in which to implement CF.
  • You should have set a milestone plan with the staff involved which identifies when the training needed to implement CF is going to be complete.