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First South Island Calderdale Framework Facilitators Graduate

By 21st June 2016No Comments

The achievement of 8 Facilitators who have now completed their Calderdale Framework Facilitator training was celebrated with presentation of certificates and a shared lunch at a workshop on 23 May, 2016.

The Facilitators were trained by Queensland Health Calderdale Framework Practitioners who along with other Queensland colleagues have been a great support in the establishment of a South Island Calderdale Framework ‘community’. The workshop – entitled ‘Beyond Beginnings’ – brought South Island Directors of Allied Health and Calderdale Framework Facilitators together in Christchurch for a focused planning session. The aim was to chart the course for the South Island Allied Health Implementation of the Calderdale Framework for the coming year.

The workshop opened with recognition of the many successes of the preceding year and showcasing work from the Christchurch Hospital project. Key areas were then discussed in three sessions – Building Capacity, Building Projects, & Building Processes. This was followed by a working session for Facilitators on Clinical Task Instruction development, concurrent with an opportunity for the South Island Directors of Allied Health, the governance group for the Calderdale Framework implementation, to meet as a group and finalise the future direction and priority activities.

For more information on the South Island Allied Health implementation of the Calderdale Framework please contact:
Anne Buckley
Allied Health Facilitator/Calderdale Framework Project Lead
South Island Workforce Development Hub