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Facilitator training for Locala

By 14th October 2016No Comments
Facilitator Training with Locala

Facilitator Training with Locala

Locala had a fantastic 3 days facilitator training at the beginning of October 2016.


The group of colleagues attending showed outstanding commitment, enthusiasm and connection with each other, despite the extreme demands and expectations of them outside the training. The training experience was intense, challenging and very supportive.


Jayne and Rachael did a fantastic job of keeping us engaged, having opportunities to practice the skills and gain the knowledge. Their sharing of real examples and experiences was invaluable in seeing the benefits of the framework. We were all chanting the 7 steps in our sleep by the end!


We now look forward to working in pairs to take teams through the steps and effect some valued and sustainable change that can benefit clients and support and care for our colleagues. We also look forward to our connections with the regional network to enable us to learn and share across the patch. Thank you.

Liz Clough