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11th National Allied Health Conference

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Melbourne, November 2015

The presence of CF research at this year’s National Allied Health Conference in Australia totally outstripped our expectations . CF Implementations spanned from undergraduate workforce development in student placements right through to development of post graduate education to support new roles which emerged from the CF implementation by GNNARTN. These Aussies love their research and we need to catch up!

Melbourne National Allied Health Conference conference

Calderdale Framework at the National Allied Health Conference in Melbourne

If anyone wants any support to get their projects to publication or conference please shout up :it’s a fantastic opportunity to develop our academic writing skills as a group as well as share the excellent work .
See below for speakers and posters from the conference .

Speakers & Topic

Ilsa Neilsen & Renae Moore: Rural remote generalist requirements of allied health professions in Northern Australia

Linda Furness: Using the Calderdale Framework to safely enhance the development of efficient and patient centred education models .

Ilsa Nielson & A/Prof Alison Pighills: Validation of clinical task instructions (competencies)to support expanded scope and delegation practice .

Dr Desley Harvey & Ilsa Nielson: Improving patient access :Outcomes from and Allied Health Cancer Redesign Project .

Vanessa Burge: Development of an Allied Health rural generalist pathway.

Posters & Presenters

Using the Calderdale Framework for workforce redesign: Pharmacy assistant role redesign on an inpatient unit : Rachael Raleigh, Trudy Teasdale ,Jill Mahoney & Dr Rachel Wenke

Creating an Allied Heath Rural Generalist Model of Care by implementing the Calderdale Framework using clinical redesign methodology
A/Prof Alison Pighills

Future proofing the allied health workforce. A South Island regional approach .Sandy Clemett & Catherine Coups (NZ)

Calderdale Framework Publications update
We are pleased to let you know the pending academic papers we talked about at the end of last year are now available to read .

Patterson , Sarah et al (2015) Streamlining Clinical Practice in an Australian Community Rehabilitation Service using The Calderdale Framework. International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation ,22(9):232-239

Pighills ,A(2015) Skill sharing between allied health professionals in a community setting :a randomised controlled trial. International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation 22(11):524-534

Nancarrow,S.A (2015) Six Principles to enhance workforce flexibility. Human Resources for Health 13(9)

We advise to take time to read these as some really powerful findings might help you with engagement in your projects .

Calderdale Framework Facilitator status for Ruth Boycott
Physiotherapist, Northamptonshire General Hospital

We are thrilled to announce another CF Facilitator has completed training with outstanding results from her implantation.

Please see following Ruth’s summary

The Northamptonshire Community Stroke Team have now developed a thorough set of competencies to ensure that all staff are competent to a consistent level .This includes band 3 and band 4 staff who support all four disciplines of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Nursing. In addition, registered staff from each discipline are able to competently skill share. A rigorous process has been used to ensure risk to patients of delegating and skill sharing has been managed appropriately, whilst still allowing delegation. This has freed registered staff to complete work only they can do and allow the service to provide patients with as full a service as possible.