COVID19: Some basic facts

Of admitted patients 30% will require critical care, 70% will require other healthcare

50% of those hospitalised are over 70 years old

Sarcopeania is underlyingly more prevalent in this age group

Average length of stay for admitted patients is 10.4 days

In older people 10.4 days of hospitalisation = 10 years of muscle loss

Reduced physical condition delays discharge

A high proportion of these patients will have reduced ability to participate in activities of daily living when recovering from Covid 19

Don’t forget our other patients need rehabilitation too

Developed out of clinical practice by Physiotherapists to optimise and develop the whole health and social care workforce to meet patient’s needs.

Can rapidly identify skill sets required by COVID-19 patients in acute, sub-acute and rehabilitation phases

Rehabilitation will be required at scale for patients with deconditioning leg and trunk weakness, anxiety and fatigue

It ensures staff are working to top of scope as well as skill sharing and delegating safely and effectively, thereby optimising workforce capacity whilst supporting staff to do so and reducing hand-offs and waiting times for patients

It can be used in the acute and community setting across health and social care sectors

Calderdale Framework is an evidence based workforce transformation tool to meet the needs of COVID-19 patients and all others who still need crucial input

Now is the time to transform

Calderdale Framework: Some basic facts


The Framework

The Calderdale Framework provides a systematic, objective method of reviewing skill, role and service design, ensuring safe, effective and productive patient centred care.

The Training

We offer a range of flexible training options from one day workshops to five day intensive courses delivered over a six month period.

Members' Area

Training documentation is available to download for members of the Calderdale Framework programme. If you require access to our members’ area, please get in touch.